Elixir Users' Survey 2014

A month or so ago I posted a survey of Elixir users. Thanks to various people that helped by retweeting it and getting it out there, we had 191 responses to the survey. This was more than I ever anticipated, so thanks to everyone who filled it out.

I've finally finished compiling the results, and wanted to share them in this post. Let's get started:

NOTE: I'm continuing to produce Elixir screencasts, at http://dailydrip.com/topics/elixir. ElixirSips will continue to be updated with the same content, but there's a lot more over at DailyDrip.

How many months have you been using Elixir?

So I thought it was interesting to see this. At ElixirConf, it broke down to about 1/3 in each of "0-6 months", "6-12 months", "12 months or longer". Here, we see a lot more in the "0-6 Months" range. I would suppose this is the bias present at the conference - most newcomers to the language aren't yet attending conferences I suppose.

What was your primary language before getting interested in Elixir?

This is blown out of the water in favor of Ruby, with Python in a not-at-all-close second. I'd guess this is attributable to José being very prominent in that community.

How much do you anticipate using Elixir professionally in the next 12 months?

This one makes me pretty happy. Almost everyone that responded to the survey expects to be able to use the project professionally within the next year. That's pretty great news for the language in my opinion.

What is your text editor preference?

I'm more than a little bit of a vim zealot, so vim's showing in this brings a tiny tear of joy to my eye. Sublime Text is next, followed by a pretty close race between emacs and Atom, with emacs coming out on top. This surprised me - I expected to see more emacs than Sublime for sure, especially given the Erlang community's love for emacs.

How would you rate your Elixir expertise?

I don't guess this is that surprising. Elixir 1.0.0 was just released, so it should be pretty unusual to see people too much past "Average" experience with it.

What are your thoughts on automated testing?

Generally, Elixir folks tend to think well of tests.

Have you contributed open source code in the past year?

We're also substantial open source contributors, it seems. This bodes well for the library landscape in the future, certainly.

What is your employment status?

Elixir developers are primarily full-time employed, which I guess isn't too surprising. Not much commentary on this one.

Which of these languages do you regularly use?

There's a language on this list I'd never heard of. I'm interested in learning more about Umple if only because of the name :) I'm also very interested in OCaml generally, so it's fun to see it have a not-dead showing.

Is Elixir your favorite programming language?

I'd love more feedback on why "It's Complicated" won out here. I fall firmly in the Yes camp. At any rate, I was looking forward to the answers to this question and absolutely should have provided a text box for explanation of these answers :)

Anonymized Raw Data

The survey included names and email addresses. This data has been removed (I copied the other data into a new spreadsheet entirely, to avoid the Revisions feature of Google Docs causing me to leak personal data). Here you can see the raw anonymized data, to do with as you please. If you do something interesting with this, please let me know so I can highlight it :)

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